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Genç fıstık liseli Molly Jane’in babası, kadını Kızıını karısı sanıp daracık amını çılgınca sikiyor. HD 720p Türkçe altyazılı kadını Kızıını karısı sanıp sikiyor porno seyret ve indir.

Scene One: Step-Daddy, I’m not step-mom!

Molly is in her room reading and catching up on school work. Her step-dad walks into the room and tells her they’re alone, and that Molly is at school. A confused look moves to shock when step-dad takes off his pants. Molly tries to explain but his cock shuts her up sliding into her mouth. Molly not knowing what to do sucks her step-dad’s cock and lets him face fuck her.

Step-Dad strips off Molly’s cute panties and fucks her. Waves of ecstasy flow through her and she cries “oh step-daddy fuck your little girl”. She has always dreamed of her step-daddy fucking her. And now with his cock inside her she gets close to cumming. Just then a knock at the door and Molly grabs the blanket and covers up her step-dad. “Just a minute” she tells her step-mom trying to get off the top of her step-dad. He just pulls her back onto him and Cory opens the door. Cory asks what Molly is doing and figures out that Molly is just having some personal time. Molly can barely keep a conversation with her step-mom moaning as she speaks. Cory leaves her step-daughter to it and step-dad keeps fucking her until they both cum. Watch HD Turkish kadını Kızıını karısı sanıp sikiyor porn.

Scene Two:Step-Daddy, I need to get ready for school!

Molly is getting ready for school in the bathroom when her step-dad comes in. And he slides his hand down his step-daughter’s panties. “Step-Daddy stop” Molly moans but her resistance fades, moaning from his hands on her body. Setting her on the counter he fucks her stripping her of the last of her clothes. He bends her over the counter and fucks her tight ass. “Not in their step-daddy, I’ve never been fucked in my ass” she pleads with him. Her moans get louder and louder until she is almost screaming for her step-daddy.

Cory knocks on the door to see if everything is all right. Step-Dad quickly hides in the shower. Cory walks in to see her step-daughter naked, sprawled against the counter with her fingers rubbing her pussy. “We are going to have a talk about this later” she tells her step-daughter. “now hurry up, you’re going to be late for school” Cory leaves. Step-dad goes back to fucking his step-daughter until he cums. Pulling up her panties, Molly is going to have to go to school with her ass full of her step-dad’s cum all day… and she loves it.

Scene Three: Masturbating on the couch with step-daddy

(Cory is trying to ignore her step-daughter “masturbating” on the couch)

Molly has just come home from school and sits on the couch to watch some TV. Her step-dad comes in and watches TV next to her. “I want your cock step-daddy” Molly says to him and pulls his cock out with her free hand while still watching the TV. She takes off the panties from under her skirt. And she spreads her legs wide rubbing her pussy while she jerks her step-dad’s cock. When he is hard, Molly places her wet pussy on top of him and fucks him sliding up and down.

Cory comes in and watches TV with them. Turkish porn with subtiltes kadını Kızıını karısı sanıp sikiyor. Molly moans and fucks her step-dad under her skirt, daring her step-mom to say anything. She touches her breasts under her thin shirt while ridding her step-daddy’s cock. Cumming like she has never cum before. Cory tells her that masturbating on the couch is not appropriate. Molly slides off her step-dad and apologies to her step-mom, going upstairs to clean up.

Scene Four: What the hell is going on! Kızını Karısı Sanıp Sikiyor!

Her parents are napping. Molly walks into their bedroom quietly. She bought some special lingerie for her step-daddy. And can’t wait to show him. She wakes her step-dad and asks him what he thinks of it, showing him how it fits her body. Not caring if she wakes her step-mom Molly sucks his cock. She then guides his cock inside her pussy and fucks him like she has never had sex before.

Molly wants to wake up her step-mom and screams for step-daddy to fuck her in her ass. Cory is a heavy and rests right through her step-daughter’s loud orgasm. “I need your cum on my face step-daddy” Molly demands. He jerks his load onto her face and she smiles satisfied. Cory wakes up and yells “What the hell is going on!” Molly tells her that step-daddy just gave her a facial and she loves it.

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